Dealing with Divorce in Las Vegas

Dealing with divorce in Las VegasNo one expects their marriage to end, but as any divorce attorney in Las Vegas will tell you, statistics prove that by the 20 year mark of a marriage, approximately 48% end in divorce. This result is typically a combination of factors from both parties, not just one spouse. Additionally, divorce affects the emotions of both spouses and their children.

Emotional Factors of Divorce in Las Vegas

The emotions that rise up during a divorce are totally normal. Things may be proceeding relatively smoothly. But then one or both spouses may have a sudden onset of anger, anxiety, fear or grief. These emotions often catch you off guard. The good news is this is totally normal, and it eventually subsides. It is vital that you maintain a reasonably balanced approach to the divorce proceedings. You also need to be self-aware as to how the divorce process is affecting you.

When you are better to yourself, you handle the daily tasks regarding your Las Vegas divorce better. Seeking the advice of a family therapist is always a good idea. Taking care of yourself physically also better prepares your body for the stress of divorce proceedings. There is no substitute for regular exercise, a proper diet, and consistent sleep patterns. Decreasing alcohol intake, difficult as it may be, is also in your best interest.

Benefits to All Parties Involved

When both parties strive to treat each other with a certain amount of respect, this fosters a new beginning and resets the existing relationships. This is true for both spouses and especially true for any children involved. You and your spouse are divorcing. But your children will be a large part of both your lives forever. After your divorce, you both will be interacting with each other for custody exchanges when your children are young. There will be college graduations and weddings when they get older. It is common for the healing process to take time so don’t be in a rush.

Divorce does not necessarily have to be mean-spirited. With the help of one of our divorce attorneys, you and your spouse can go through the process amicably. If both parties agree to it, uncontested divorce and divorce mediation are available alternatives to long, stressful, and expensive litigation in court proceedings.

We Handle All Forms of Divorce Proceedings

A Las Vegas divorce mediation attorney provides numerous benefits to both spouses. First they are professionals with years of experience in divorce mediation. This means that they have worked with many types of divorce matters. But the separate themselves from the emotional issues. They also perform divorce mediation on a regular basis, whereas divorcing spouses are going through a unique experience. Their experience is to your advantage but only if you and your spouse are sincerely open to the divorce mediation process.

Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo are Board Certified as experts in divorce law by The State Bar of Nevada. They handle many forms of divorce proceedings and resolutions. Divorce proceeding types include contested divorce litigation, uncontested divorce, and divorce mediation. Divorce resolutions are accomplished by either negotiated settlement or litigation.