Forensic Accountants for Las Vegas Divorce

Because each case is unique, Las Vegas divorce lawyers use different strategies for each case. If there is reason to question the financial statements of a business or your spouse’s personal finances, our divorce attorneys retain forensic accountants for Las Vegas divorce cases. A forensic accountant is usually a certified public accountant (CPA) who focuses on the accuracy of personal and business finances. They investigate and then verify or dispute financial information in a divorce matter. In certain instances they will also find hidden assets and/or testify in family court regarding their findings.

Forensic accounting work is tedious and time consuming. For this reason, we only retain them when there is strong suspicion of fraud. Depending on the scope of their investigation, their work can take weeks or months. The work of a forensic accountant in a divorce case protects your interests in the marital assets. Forensic accountants analyze a variety of financial documents. This can include credit card statements, bank statements and business financial records. The information they investigate and report on comes from you and/or your spouse. In cases where your spouse refuses to comply, the information will be subpoenaed directly from financial institutions.

Subpoenas Compel Third Party Financial Institutions

Your spouse may not voluntarily provide all the financial information necessary to properly divide your marital assets. In this case, our Las Vegas divorce attorneys will subpoena the information directly from financial institutions. Domestically based financial institutions must comply with valid subpoenas. Internationally based organizations are not as consistent in their compliance because subpoena power differs widely depending on the country. Divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo take a no-nonsense approach to spousal fraud. Regardless of how clever your spouse has been, our attorneys will uncover the true nature of all marital assets.

Forensic Accountant Report and Testimony

Every forensic we retain on your behalf is a CPA. They are also certified to submit evidence and testify in the local family courts. Forensic accountants provide a formal report of their findings to your lawyer. But they are not attorneys so they don’t provide any legal opinion. Instead their report focuses on what they discovered. Your divorce attorney is responsible to use the information for your benefit.

Get the Information You Need

Making sure you get your share of all the marital assets you deserve is our highest priority. We leave nothing to chance and will retain a forensic accountant on your behalf if need be. Call our office at 702-222-4021 and one of our expert divorce attorneys will provide answers to your important questions. Each attorney provides phone consultations as a courtesy at no charge. Contact us today at 702-222-4021 and one of them will explain how we can help you.