Las Vegas Divorce Clients

Each of our Las Vegas divorce clients has a different set of facts and goals for their case. So every divorce case proceeding we handle is unique. However, a common factor is that our clients have a lot at risk in their divorce. Therefore, they understand the value of expert legal representation.

The complex nature of high-risk divorce cases requires experience and dedication. We often handle cases that include businesses, real estate holdings, and high-level financials. These types of divorce cases require a keen understanding of complex property divisions, business valuations, and/or prenuptial agreements. Certain cases also involve child custody disputes. Years of experience with child custody experts is vital in these matters.

Divorce Clients Require Privacy

In Clark County, all family court information is initially available to the public. Members of the public are free to view your case online. They can also attend your divorce court hearings and even get copies of your court filings. This can include your personal financial data.

However, our attorneys know the ins-and-outs of all aspects of divorce law including having your case sealed from the public. Your privacy is protected once the family court judge signs the Order to Seal. This means that the judge will remove anyone in the courtroom not required for your case. Your case summary will no longer be available online. The public will also be unable to get copies of your divorce case documents. This gives each of our clients the privacy they deserve.

Who’s the Best Las Vegas Divorce Attorney for You?

The divorce attorney you select can drastically affect the outcome of your case. So which one best fits your particular needs? First consider what you have at risk in your divorce. Then match your risks to the divorce attorney’s skills and experience with similar divorce cases. If you have a lot at stake, then your attorney must have exceptional legal skills. This is no time to have your attorney on a learning curve. They should be adept at both complex divorce negotiations and aggressive legal representation, when required.

We believe that you and your attorney must establish a level of trust. This only happens by thoroughly discussing your case facts, issues, and goals. That’s why our initial consultations last two hours. You’ll have plenty of time to go into each detail that’s important to you and receive direct legal advice. Here’s a guide on how to choose the best Las Vegas divorce attorney for you.

Our attorneys accept only a small number of clients at a given time. Restricting our active client list allows us to provide the personal attention that you deserve. We also understand that your divorce issues don’t always confine themselves to normal business hours. So we provide each client with their attorney’s private cell phone number for urgent communications.

We also offer courtesy phone consultations at no charge. This gives you a chance to see the level of expertise we provide. You’ll also learn if what we offer is right for your case. Call 702-222-4021 to speak with one of our expert divorce attorneys today.