Las Vegas Hidden Assets Attorney

Hidden assets are items of value that your spouse has left out of your divorce case on purpose. Our Las Vegas hidden assets attorneys know you deserve your share of all marital assets, including hidden assets. Therefore, when appropriate, we will retain a court certified forensic accountant to examine the business and personal finances of your spouse. Forensic accountants are experts at analyzing all aspects of your spouse’s finances. There are times when technology experts are required in order for forensic accountants to have all the financial information they need. Our experienced divorce attorneys in Las Vegas know what’s the best strategy for your case.

Clues That You May Be Right

Uncovering hidden assets is often a lengthy and expensive process. Therefore, you should have a high degree of certainty that the assets actually exist. The following is a guide, based on our experience, of when there is a possibility that hidden assets may exist.

  • You have sophisticated marital assets with multiple income sources, investments, and/or businesses.
  • You have a long term marriage. The longer the marriage, the more opportunities there are to hide assets.
  • You know your spouse has deceived you during your marriage.
  • You know your spouse has deceived others for their own financial gain.
  • Your marital assets include funds off-shore.

The forensic accountants that our attorneys are court certified for trial testimony if necessary. They use various methods to uncover hidden assets for our divorce clients. Sometimes the aspect of hidden assets is obvious. Other times it takes a lot of digging. And there are still other instances where the assets don’t exist. Therefore, there is no benefit to the expense of a forensic accountant if you are not virtually certain that there are hidden assets.

Omitted Assets After Divorce

There are times that hidden assets are not apparent during divorce proceedings. The best divorce attorneys include provisions in your divorce decree that entitle you to your share of all marital assets, even those discovered after you divorce case concludes. This is because it’s also possible that you only discover hidden assets later. These are known as omitted assets. You’re entitled to any assets omitted in your divorce case but you must report it to your divorce attorney immediately after discovering them.

Las Vegas Hidden Assets Attorney

Divorce attorneys Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo are experts at uncovering hidden assets. Their skills at uncovering what is rightfully yours can be a significant factors in your division of marital assets. Call 702-222-4021 to speak with one of them. Our attorneys offer phone consultations as a courtesy at no charge.