Technology Experts for Las Vegas Divorce

Personal and business financial information is often available electronically. In some divorce cases, one spouse may try to hide or delete personal or business files, thus removing valid marital asset information. Technology experts search for financial data on a variety of digital platforms. This information can be on a local hard drive like those found in desktop and laptop computers. It can also be on remote cloud servers. Our divorce lawyers use technology experts for Las Vegas divorce cases to make sure you get your fair share of the marital assets.

If there is reason to suspect that vital financial information has been purposefully hidden or deleted, a technology expert can uncover and restore the files. Locally stored data is easier to access because the physical device is available to the technology expert. Cloud stored data is more difficult because the devices are in the control of a third party. The experts use state of the art methods and software tools in their search and recovery efforts. Their work ensures that a full understanding of the marital assets is available for division in your divorce matter.

Initial Search and Recovery Steps

Technology experts begin by searching for electronic files that your spouse intentionally hid, removed, or edited. These actions leave a set of digital footprints. The next step is to restore and then preserve the original file information. Their recovery efforts are extremely technical and they record each of their steps in the process to document their work. The report they compile may be presented to the court as evidence in your divorce case.

The Role of Technology Experts

The technology expert’s job is to thoroughly investigate pertinent marital asset data and document their results for your divorce case. They are not attorneys and therefore do not form legal opinions of their findings. Rather, your divorce lawyer decides the legal ramifications and how to best use their report and testimony to your advantage.

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Not all technology experts are equal in the eyes of the family court. Therefore, we retain only court certified experts. You have many choices for a divorce attorney in Las Vegas and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo protect your rights to the fullest extent. They promptly take the appropriate action if a technology expert uncovers spousal fraud. Each attorney provides phone consultations at no charge as a courtesy to all callers. Contact us today at 702-222-4021 and one of them will be glad to speak with you about your case.