Las Vegas Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Uncontested divorces involve the same division of assets and debts, child custody, child support, and alimony issues as contested divorce cases. The difference is that both spouses have come to an agreement on their own without court intervention. As long as the agreement comports with Nevada law, the family courts can grant an uncontested divorce. Our Las Vegas uncontested divorce lawyers can assist you with reviewing and finalizing your uncontested divorce. They can also point out the areas which may be of concern to you. Going the uncontested divorce route is always preferable to having a contested matter. Unfortunately uncontested divorces are not common when young children or substantial assets are involved. Despite amicable conversations and verbal agreements with your spouse, the process of converting such agreements into a legally valid decree of divorce can have its pitfalls.

Each Spouse Needs Individual Legal Counsel

We encourage uncontested divorces whenever possible. However each party should have their own independent legal counsel. Uncontested divorces are different than joint petitions where one divorce lawyer represents both spouses concurrently. The best divorce lawyers in Las Vegas don’t do joint petition divorces. Having your own independent legal counsel is the best way to protect yourself and your children. And if complications arise you still have your own divorce lawyer on your side.

Expert Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers

Our goal in uncontested divorces is to keep the matter uncontested. We never look to contradict the agreement that you and your spouse have agreed upon. We review your agreement terms and conditions and provide expert legal opinions. We’ll also let you know if the agreement favors one divorcing spouse over the other. In that case we often suggest other options that fit the spirit of the agreement. Regardless, you always make the final decision of whether to accept the terms or not. Our role as your independent legal counsel is to inform you of all the possible current and future issues before you commit to them.

Decree of Divorce Documents

We draft a final decree of divorce once all the terms and conditions are final. The decree of divorce is the legal document that specifies the details of your divorce agreement. You and your spouse must both approve and sign the documents and other associated paperwork. Then the document package goes to the family court for a judge’s signature and recording.

Contact Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers

Our Las Vegas divorce lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the divorce process and child custody law. This ensures that your rights are protected. They can help secure your future and the future of your children. Contact our office to speak with one of them. Both Jennifer V. Abrams and Vincent Mayo provide courtesy phone consultations at no charge.